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Giantess - Tall Clothes for Tall Broads

Giantess - Tall Clothes for Tall Broads

Passionate about creating clothing for women who are underserved by traditional brands, Lara Schmidt and Kate Adams created Giantess. Located in Austin, Texas the business needed a complete build-out from the ground up, that represented their quirky humor and high-end brand. 

Target Audience & Demographics

Target Audience & Demographics

The Tall Broad

Has a tall frame of 5’8 or greater

Requires work, casual and formal clothing that can fit her unique shape

Wants high quality fabric and construction

Highly interested in fashion trends

E-commerce from the ground up

E-commerce from the ground up

Created a responsive website that looks good across devices and platforms

Developed a mobile app that allows for on-the-go purchasing, drop shipping and delivery notifications

Designed an interactive dressing room that allows the user to enter their measurements so they can find the best fit for them

Created marketing and data strategies that aid in creating product recommendations, promotional offers, email programs, push notifications and text message alerts

Devised a content marketing strategy and implemented blog articles, social media and sharable graphics

Giantess Virtual Reality E-commerce

We designed a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience for Giantess, including clothing customization and avatar try ons. Here is a short video with some of the functionality.