UX Design, UI Coding, Website Development and Digital Marketing Consultants



We are a team of Senior-Level Consultants who have over a decade of experience working with 100's of Companies/Clients in eCommerce, Application design and Design Innovation. We work remotely around the country, but we will come to you to onboard a new project, run discovery or necessary workshops.

Is your website not converting as well as you would like? 

Do you currently have a small team and not enough time to dedicate to getting the UX right? 

Have you found designers who can make things look beautiful but struggle to help you understand your users and their behavior?

Ready to scale up your business?

A great user experience can only come from matching a company’s vision and understanding your customers/users. We start by working with you to understand what you are aiming to achieve and begin applying our research methods in helping guide you to who your customers are and identifying friction points that could be costing you a lot of money.

We can give you powerful insights through research of your users and design solutions that you’ll be able to quickly implement.

Wolfe & Smith UX Consultancy is a design studio that builds powerful brands, captivating digital products, engaging content and rich shopping experiences that convert. We understand that every online strategy is dependent on creative design and user experience. With over 16 years of experience in leading User Experience design and digital marketing efforts, our goal is to create compelling artwork that inspires users to interact with media, websites and software applications. We utilize user generated data as a large part of our thought-process/ design methodology to help out clients. We put thought and research behind our decisions and are passionate about helping our clients reach their business goals. We create dynamic interactive campaigns, complex mobile applications, responsive websites and eCommerce stores for businesses.

We look forward to starting your new project!