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Our Process

We are your one-stop-shop for UX design research, wireframe prototyping & visual design / branding

01. Evidence gathering

We use an evidence-based UX design approach is the combining of qualitative and quantitative data to understand the current state of your website.

We start by analyzing your website analytics, as well as heatmaps and visitor recordings, to see what your users are doing and the problems they face. We share our findings as we go and clients often. Clients find this information incredibly powerful for shaping their thinking.

02. User testing

Once we have a clear idea of the issues that need solving we will organise, run, and analyze user tests. Furthermore, share with you videos of what people do and think when they move around your website.

We have a lot of experience in many forms of effective user testing, including remote methods that allow us to reach users quickly and affordably.

03. Competitor research

Many eCommerce businesses want to know what their competitors are doing. However, often do not have the time to properly study them. Competitor analysis is a useful and valid method for evidence gatheringit helps you see what works in the real world for similar businesses and understand design patterns users are accustomed to.

We will use our deep experience of eCommerce UX design to study the design of your choice of competitor websites, helping you find suitable design solutions.

04. Design & prototype

The goal for this state is to provide you with wireframes and high-fidelity (development-ready) prototypes that are seamlessly handed-off to your developers for implementation. Our designs will incorporate the key insights we've gathered from our auditing of your website or software and your users.

We often deliver these in the form of clickable (or tappable) prototype, which helps explore the full user journeys. We work directly with our clients and give them a chance to provide feedback and shape the designs Along with putting the designs in front of users too.