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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Over our careers, we’ve had unique experiences working in UX either in-house at large organizations or working with these larger groups as a client.

One of the common friction points that I have found comes from the newer POD workflow of these in-house teams. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this team structure, these are often referred to as: PODS or small teams

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Nikki Wolfe
Rushing design cuts into your bottom line – The ROI of User Experience

We are a culture of instant gratification. Hungry? There is a drive-thru calling your name. Busy? A grocery service will deliver straight to your front door. The gig economy is thriving, with on-demand services popping up all over the country, while these services sell convenience at a premium they would be unable to do so without top-notch User Experience. 

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RFID: Make sales your second screen

One of the fermenting trends in technology is the concept of second screen marketing, which sounds like something a marketing exec made-up after one too many Martinis at a Las Vegas conference. The truth is, that this new development is one that you are probably already experiencing.

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Brandy SmithRFID, UX, Technology